Coaching 1-1

Purnima coaching sessions are designed to be a transformative and deeply personal experience. Whether you're seeking individual life coaching, relationship support, or participation in retreats and weekly women's and men's groups, our approach is tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

Dave Lishansky is the master coach at Purnima Clinic. In working with Dave you’ll embark on a path towards greater self-awareness, authenticity, and a more fulfilling life.

What to Expect in Our Coaching 1-1:

Individual Life Coaching:

Imagine a more courageous relationship with yourself. Imagine creating connections in your life that fuel inspiration, resilience, depth, and a sense of unshakeable security. Learning to embrace all parts of yourself allows greater agency in your life, helps you stand tall in your integrity, and live in alignment with your highest values. Using the tools of Internal Family Systems (IFS) and the Mastery Method, Dave collaborates with you to step toward the life you most want to lead.

Relationship Support:

Dave believes that relationships can be the most important place to learn to love ourselves and others more courageously. Whether you’re navigating challenges in your romantic partnership, family dynamics, or friendships, Dave provides guidance and tools to enhance communication, deepen connections, and resolve conflicts. His compassionate and empathetic approach empowers individuals and couples to create healthier and more fulfilling relationships.

Dave’s Approach:


where are you struggling to meet your highest values, personal standards, or inner sense of what is right for you?


what is happening around and underneath this pattern?


what parts of you are you afraid to presence?


how can you accept, love, and integrate these parts so that YOU can lead your life from a more empowered place?


how can you more courageously love and accept your whole self, even as you encounter deeper stickier parts along the way?


how can you integrate your shadows, shame, and fear so you show up in your fullest, most magnetic, and most aligned presence?