Group Coaching

Purnima coaching sessions are designed to be a transformative and deeply personal experience. Whether you're seeking individual life coaching, relationship support, or participation in retreats and weekly women's and men's groups, our intention is to give you the space to transform your life and relationships through greater self-awareness and acceptance.

Dave Lishansky is the master coach at Purnima Clinic. In working with Dave you’ll embark on a path towards greater self-awareness, authenticity, and a more fulfilling life.

What to Expect in Our Group Coaching:


Joining one of Dave’s retreats offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in a supportive and transformative environment. These retreats are designed to provide focused, intensive experiences that facilitate profound personal growth and self-discovery. You’ll connect with like-minded individuals and engage in practices that promote inner healing and self-empowerment.

Weekly Women's and Men's Groups:

These regular 2 to 6 month long groups are focused on sowing deeply supportive community, re-parenting ourselves, and showing up in our most authentic and embodied presence. In these spaces, participants explore their inner worlds and share their journeys with others in ways that can be both life-affirming and profoundly transformative.